Canker-Rid: A Fast-Acting Remedy That Stops The Pain Of Mouth Ulcers and Starts Healing on Contact (My Review)

If you have been living most of your life with stubborn mouth ulcers that last for weeks, Canker-Rid may be your solution to get rid of them.

This is so far the only product I used that gets rid of the pain and help heal my mouth ulcers quickly. With in an average of 3 days my mouth ulcers are gone! I’ve heard from others that it heals completely as soon as two days!

Why Canker-Rid is so effective against mouth ulcers…

  1. Canker-Rid is the most effective mouth ulcer remedy in the market because of its proprietary formula made of bee products called Propolis.
  2. The all-natural ingredients quickly shields the ulcer from pain and infection with it’s protective coating throughout the day or night.
  3. This protective coating aids in the complete healing of mouth ulcers within just three days compared to three weeks! A fraction of the time it usually takes to heal a mouth ulcer.
  • No more painful, embarrassing smiles.
  • No more cringing every time you swallow.
  • No more skipping out on plans.


Pros and Cons


• The great thing about this product is that the ingredients are all-natural.

• Within seconds of contact, you get instant relief.

• Healing process starts immediatly on contact.

• Long lasting protective coat from pain and infection.

• Completely heals within 2-4 days instead of 2 weeks!


• Canker-Rid and get very messy if not used carefully and properly. It can stain anything it touches including your teeth, so be careful!

• You will feel sting for a few seconds on first contact. But, it’s worth the lifetime of pain I endured.

After some research, there weren’t any side effects found with the use of Canker-Rid. However you should always consult a physician before using any product, and you should immediately discontinue using a product if you experience any adverse reactions.


According to the bottle, it is made of all-natural ingredients. Canker-Rid is made from a proprietary blend of bee products gathered by honeybees called Propolis. According to the bottle, Propolis is a good source of Amino Acids and Bioflavonoids that serves as an infection protectant and preventative supplement against mouth ulcers.

Take a look at what other people are saying about Canker-Rid.

“This stuff is amazing and so far it has been a life-saver for me. The solution does stain your skin and from other reviews I heard that it will stain your sink but I have a simple solution, don’t spill it. If you have bad canker sores, this is for you.” -Charlie

“There’s finally a cure! To me I get kanker sores like every other week, it’s because I bite my lip or my cheek and within a day or two kankers are there! My Kankers are the worst ones they stay for up to 2 weeks and it’s horrible! I can’t eat or even drink anything without the painful reminder of hanker sores! Yes hydroproxide and cotton wil work for normal kankers but if you have ones that feel like they are not weakens by anything this stuff works! I put one drop one day and next day another today it’s gone! ” -Vero

“I am a lifelong, frequent canker sore sufferer. It has been made worse by my autoimmune disease treatment which depresses your immune system. This time, I didn’t get 2 or 3, I got so many you couldn’t tell on from the other. They were along my inside cheek, gums, under the tongue and on top of my tongue. I could talk without severe, sharp, pulsing pain. I couldn’t eat ANYTHING except water, bread and plain oatmeal. I have tried every remedy over 40 years, here are some: saltwater, H202 & H20, Biotin, children’s Benadryl with Mylanta, Alum, folic acid & bComplex. I also eliminated SLS products from my home and don’t don’t eat sugar, gluten, fast or processed food.”

“Nothing worked with this horrendous out-break…”

“UNTIL NOW!!! Two doses yesterday, went to sleep and this morning, several are COMPLETELY GONE (the newest ones) and the rest SHRUNK TO 1/2 and NO PAIN!!!!”

“This is a miracle cure!!!!” -Jessica

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Final Verdict

Yes! I recommend Canker-Rid because it says what it does and I haven’t seen any other remedy like this in the market.

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Good luck, and here’s to you and finally getting your life back from mouth ulcer pain! =)

– Gina S.V





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