How I Got Rid of My Mouth Ulcers (Canker Sores)

Do you suffer from recurring mouth ulcers or better known as canker sores?

If you’re one of the unfortunate many who deal with them on a frequent basis, you know how painful they can be. Especially when when you try to eat or drink. Trying to talk normally with sores on your tongue or even smiling can be very painful and embarrassing when the sore is near your lips. Contorting your lips so the sore doesn’t touch your teeth is very annoying. Cringing each time you swallow when the sore is in your throat ruins a great dinner.

My Experience

When I get mouth ulcers, it can last from several days to even several weeks and enduring them for this period of time greatly affects my life. I have to cancel meetings or avoid doing daily activities because of how painful it is. But with two active young boys to take care of, I can’t avoid my duties as a mother.

I Tried Everything

I went thorough so many products like Orasol, Orajel and Kanka to relive the pain, but they just leave a part of my mouth being numb and not really healing the sore. I purchased some canker sore patches at CVS. It protected my sore but the difference in healing time wasn’t significant. I also tried rinses, lozenges, and even prescription remedies.


Canker-Rid. My Remedy for Mouth Ulcers.

Canker-Rid. My Remedy for Mouth Ulcers.

I was ready to give up hope on finding something to get rid of my mouth ulcers. Thanks to my husband, he came across this product online called Canker-Rid. It had a lot of good reviews and so we ordered it.

When the package arrived, I was in day 3 of a mouth ulcer. At first I didn’t want to get my hopes up but, once I applied a drop to the sore, there was a 10 second sting. But that 10 seconds was worth all the years of pain and embarrassment I’ve been through because the pain miraculously disappeared! It almost felt like I never had the sore! To my excitement, I felt no pain for the rest of the day. My life practically changed from that day forth. On day 3, my mouth ulcer almost healed completely. I’ve read for some people it completely healed as soon as 2 days! I am so behind Canker-Rid, I ordered it for my friends.

FYI: How to Apply Canker-Rid

To apply it, you have to dry the sore with a cotton swab or tissue others suggest to air dry it. It’s up to you. Then with a drop or 2 of Canker-Rid onto another cotton swab apply it to the sore. Make sure it’s the swab with the plastic stick and not the paper one because the paper absorbs some of the Canker-Rid. You may also may want to note that this product is a tacky, dark brown liquid that stains everything it touches so keep some kind of protection under your mouth to catch any drips.


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